Game Development is something that has always interested me. Although first and foremost I am a Sound Designer and a story teller through the medium of Sound. Since my completion of studies at the Vancouver Film School, I have begun to experiment and explore more and more into game development and not only learn how games are made, but also making games for myself, to always continue learning, developing and pushing myself in this industry I am so passionate about.

Dark Shot

Dark Shot is a horror survival, audio driven, first person shooter,  for iOS, Android, and mobile VR. Where you are being attacked by monsters from all directions. You hold and move your phone in 360 degrees all the way around you and touch anywhere on the screen to shoot. 

I was creative/ project lead on Dark Shot. I took the project from conception to completion with the help of a few friends. The objective was to build a fun and immersive game, that is mostly based on sound. primarily the creatures themselves, being perceived in 360 degrees around the player, and an interactive music event, that changed the way music was perceived throughout the game. This was driven by the over all intensity of the game and changed based on how many creatures were attacking you and how close they were.

Top Down Maze game

This Top Down Maze game was my first attempt at actually creating my own game in Unreal 4. Here, the focus was not only audio, but also rather getting through an entire production cycle from beginning to end. It was a truly rewarding experience taking a game from an idea, to something that can actually be played. However, at the time of packaging, an unreal bug (UE-22192) related to Compress Cooked Packages not working properly, caused the final package file to be rather large, so this video shows the first 3 levels of the game.

A simple top down maze game I created in the Unreal Engine. Your objective is to navigate your way through a number of mazes completely in the dark, using only your foot prints as a trace of where you have been and a some temporary lights to guide you.

I've always wanted to make a runner in side scroller format, that could be played by one or two people on one device. 

The two characters run from left to right, and the only input players have is by tapping on the screen to control the jump. The screen is split in two buttons, touch the left half of the screen, and the Blue character jumps, touch the right half of the screen and the Red character jumps. Player feedback is given through the lighting up of the screen where touch input is received. If one character hits an object, the other wins and the game starts over.

The set up of the floor tiles is procedural, based on certain conditions. (This can be seen from about a minute into the video). Each time a character runs through the collision boxes at the end of the floor tile, it generates a new floor tile up ahead of the characters and destroys the previous ones they have run past. Each time the floor tile is called, it randomly chooses where to add obstacles on the top and bottom floor, as well as randomly chooses a number of places to place the trees behind the character. This is demonstrated in the video each time I press compile. 

I had a lot of fun with this one, and thoroughly enjoyed learning more about game development in Unreal 4.